Sunday, January 25, 2015


Although this was my second child the experience was just an incredible as the first.

It was 7pm on the dot and I was putting my 17 month daughter to bed.  As I lifted her into the cot I had a monster contraction. I knew right away it was time to make tracks.  Funny how the second time around as a mother you just know when it's 'go' time.  

My husband had stepped out to the corner shop to buy more milk and when he came home I was already on the phone arranging for someone to come watch my daughter.  I remember my husband saying "Honey, are you sure this is the real deal?" I remember looking glazingly at him with a sarcastic look on my face as I held my breath through a contraction "Yes, dear! Don't question me. He is DEFINITELY on his way!" : ) 

My cousin was at my house within minutes of my phone call to her and we were out the door and on our way to the hospital.  

On January 23rd at 1:55am we welcomed a gorgeous baby boy into the world. Words can not describe how blessed I feel to have been able to bring another child into this world.  My heart is so full of joy.  I can't wait to introduce him to the world.


photo left: a little light reading and my gorgeous flowers from my husband.
photo right: Taylor's going home picture.  This tux onesy was actually my younger brother's,  He wore it home from the hospital almost 30 years ago.